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Do you want the last dream you had to come true?

No thanks, it was strange.

When did you last talk to the person you’d most wanna talk to right now?

Weeks ago.

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what’s your favorite movie?

I have lots of favourites.

Any movies you’re just dying to see?

Not atm.

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You must change your name to either Ethel or Gertrude - which do you pick?


Form a sentence in which each word begins with the letter “H”

Happy Holly heals hurting hearts.

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Be honest, who texted you last?


Do you sleep with the door open or closed?


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20 things that make you smile

20. My family

19. My friends

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Is one of your favorite colors yellow?

It’s not a colour I usually go for tbh, but I do like it for certain things. Nail polish, for example, I really like yellow nail polish.

Are you into astrology?

Kinda, it seems interesting.

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Do you have anyone you fully trust?

A few people.

How old is your television?

The main television in the living room, we’ve had that about 3 years.

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What’s your favorite zoo animal?

Probably tigers.

How is your hair currently styled?

It’s not really styled, it’s just down, with a headband in.

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What really scares you?

I think the problem with me as a person is that a lot of the time, I’m unsure about what I want. I just tend to go with my gut feeling, and what I feel to be right, but because I’m never totally sure, I’m kind of scared that one day I’ll look back and be disappointed with the choices I’ve made.

Do you hold grudges or forgive easily?

I’m a forgiving person, I tend not to stay angry with anyone for too long, because I just don’t see the point, but sometimes I think I can hold grudges without realising it :/

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Friend One

What is their name and are they a boy or a girl?

Holly. Girl.

How old are they and what month is their birthday?

She’s 24. Her birthday is in April.

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Oct 9


What is your first name?


What is your favourite colour?


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Oct 8


How was your day?

Good, thanks. :)

Did you meet anyone new recently?


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Oct 8


What did you do today?

Got up, got dressed, had breakfast, talked to Mum, watched some TV, had lunch, went to the library, came home, read a chapter of a book, did a wordsearch, had dinner, watched Titanic.

How are you feeling?

Fine, thanks.

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Oct 7


Name 3 Schools You Went To

1. Primary school

2. Secondary school

3. Sixth-form college

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Oct 7


Where did you get the pants you are wearing from?

Bon Marche.

Do you find smoking unattractive?


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